• Adviser and client reporting With over 40 reports available that can be directly generated from the Elevate platform, our reporting gives you a wealth of options.
  • How can you benefit from Elevate's reporting options?

    Save time and effort

    Export useful PDF reports instantly in preparation for your client reviews.

    Bespoke reporting

    Make reports personal with your own insight, analysis - even your firm’s branding.

    Management information

    Export the information you need quickly to manage your clients and business efficiently.

  • What reporting options does Elevate offer?
    Client reports

    Whether you need a current portfolio valuation or a capital gains tax report, you’ll find a spectrum of downloadable reports for use in your client meetings. Or, you can export as much data as you require for inclusion in your own reports.

    For example, Portfolioscan™ lets you produce comprehensive portfolio analysis tailored to the needs of your clients. It supports the following features:

    • Modular reporting options – build bespoke reports to match the specific needs of each client
    • Portfolio breakdown by asset class, geographic region and stock sector
    • Report actual portfolio (discrete and cumulative) performance and measure against popular benchmarks
    • Fund performance and information
    • Dual brand reports to include your firm’s logo
    • Personalise reports with your own commentary and insight
    • Generate easy to understand reports in either Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

    Adviser reports
    Business management reports
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