• Platform pricing We pride ourselves on a clear and easy to understand pricing structure.

  • Transparent

    ‘Pay what you see’ pricing with a full breakdown of all payments provided.


    Move your clients’ money between funds with no extra charges for switching.


    Clear charging tiers that reduce fees as your clients’ investments increase.

  • Elevate charges at a glance
    Portfolio charge

    Our current charges

    Elevate Portfolio Charge p.a. Value of Elevate portfolio
    0.25% £1,500,000+
    0.30% £1,000,000 - £1,499,999
    0.33% £750,000 - £999,999
    0.36% £0 - £749,999

    Annual equivalent of the charge based on the value of the Elevate portfolio - regardless of tax wrapper.

    Other charges
  • Pre-fund your clients' investments - We automatically pre-fund all eligible contributions and fund switches at no extra cost to your clients.