• Want to show your clients what Elevate could do for them? Our investment platform delivers a variety of features that aim to make investing simpler, from transparent charging to two-way integration and adviser service.
  • Elevate charges

    Our simple and transparent pricing structure makes investing simpler for your clients. We pride ourselves on clear charging tiers and 'pay what you see' pricing.


    Even a day's delay could leave your clients missing out on valuable growth. So we'll pre-fund your clients' investments while we wait for their funds to be cleared.

    Adviser and client reporting

    From contributions and withdrawals to Portfolioscan snapshot reporting you can track your clients' investments in an instant - and even add your own branding.

    Back office integration

    Link your client data on Elevate directly into your back office systems. Elevate's two-way integration lets you run your business more efficiently.

  • My Elevate iPad app - We understand that your clients want to feel fully informed about and engaged with their investments. Our iPad app gives them the freedom to check on their portfolio 24/7.