• Platform updates The world of investments keeps changing. Clients demand more. Regulations change. You need a platform that keeps you up to date and ready to meet tomorrow's challenges. That's why we keep updating Elevate so that it's better for you and your clients.

    As part of our latest enhancements, we're making Elevate even easier to use.

  • Experience better - with Elevate 19.0

    We recently made improvements as a result of your feedback. Watch this short video to find out about some of the changes and see how they could benefit you.


    Creating new Elevate accounts and adding product wrappers/top ups

    We have simplified the process.

    What does this mean for you?

    • Removal of drop down selections, replaced with one click selections and shortened screen lengths, making new business and top up instructions easier and quicker to complete.
    • Bank account details are now requested on the submit screen allowing you to download client documents without inputting this data up front.
    • All documents downloaded on one page before the submission tab allowing you to prepare all client documentation pre new business submission.
    • We have incorporated all necessary declarations onto the submit tab so they are all grouped together for ease of completion.

    Investment selection tool

    Enhanced user experience with new functionality.

    What’s new?

    • You can create a shortlist of the funds and model portfolio’s you regularly select and our ‘Favourites’ quick link will save you time searching. 
    • Cheapest share class now indicated via an icon in the returned results row
    • KIIDS now accessible in the results page to download automatically 
    • Dynamic search means you can type in the full name or code of your investment and get a single search result 
  • See what's been introduced in previous releases
    Elevate 15.0

    Instant access to important information

    New summary screen to provide quick access to key information as well as a more efficient overview of your client's account.

    What's new?

    Quick and easy access to key information, including:

    • Elevate ISA and Elevate PIA remaining allowances
    • details on regular payments in and out and the next payment date
    • totals paid in and out of each wrapper
    • easier access to linked accounts
    • charge amounts and payment dates.

    Visualise clients’ drawdown arrangements

    New PIA Income Summary that can be used with clients to aid income and retirement planning discussions.

    What's new?

    Offering you an overview of your clients' drawdown arrangements and the income being paid, you can see the before and after effect of a one-off income payment or any changes that you make to regular income from a drawdown arrangement.

    It also provides projection illustrations to help you see what their pension may be worth in the future, and a comparative lifetime annuity quote to help illustrate the effect of income being taken.

    Clear communications for your clients

    Through consumer testing we've simplified the three most frequently used client facing outputs.

    What's changed?

    We've updated our Charges information document, Welcome letter and Payments out document to:

    • reduce duplication
    • remove unnecessary jargon to make them easier to understand
    • enhance the formatting to help highlight key information
    • include signposting where relevant
    • contain additional support information.

    Easily review clients’ death benefit options

    We've made it easier for you to set up, record and view your clients' death benefit options, so you can be confident their funds will be passed on in the most tax-efficient way.

    What's changed?

    • Flexibility when choosing how benefits are received; annuity, lump-sum payments or drawdown.
    • Simple to set-up and record clients' death benefit options.
    • Clear view of death benefit options and beneficiaries selected, and any changes that have been made.
    • Consistent options for both pre-retirement clients and those already taking drawdown.
    • Pre-populated forms for clients to sign.

    Enhanced auto-disinvestment functionality

    We've enhanced our auto-disinvestment functionality to allow investments held in model portfolios to be sold automatically, when there is insufficient cash to cover charges.

    What's changed?

    • Currently our auto-disinvestment feature allows us to sell your clients' investments to cover the cost of any Elevate and adviser charges when there is insufficient cash available in their cash account.
    • Where model portfolios were previously excluded from this functionality our latest enhancement now allows us to include investments held within model portfolios, and sell proportionately across the model when auto-disinvestment is triggered.
    • We're also introducing an additional £50 cash buffer to cover future charges. This means when auto-disinvestment is needed, we will sell enough investments to cover the negative balance plus an additional £50. Helping reduce the number of contract notes your clients receive and the frequency of auto-disinvestment.
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