• Case studies So you can see how Retirement LifePlanning would work in practice, we've applied it to possible scenarios.
  • Robert

    Robert is an experienced investor who has managed his own finances throughout his working life. As he approaches 65 he's looking for help to secure an income in retirement, whilst maintaining an element of control.

    About Robert

    • a Defined Contribution (DC) pension of £300,000
    • The full new state pension
    • a Defined Benefit (DB) pension of £6,000pa.

    Over the next few years he wants to travel widely, spruce up his home and spoil his grandchildren. He feels he needs a minimum of £20,000 a year for “essentials”. And he plans on spending a  few thousand a year on trips away and meals out while he still can.


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    James and Sophie

    James is an experienced investor and gets regular advice from his adviser. His wife Sophie has never worked and has no interest in managing their finances. As they approach 60 they'd like to retire but are worried that their savings could either be eroded by inflation or potential investment losses.

    About James and Sophie

    • A Defined Contribution (DC) pension pot of £375,000
    • James has a full new state pension entitlement from age 66
    • Sophie has no state pension
    • They have no children.

    Over the next few years James and Sophie want to travel and make the most of their free time together. They estimate they will need about £9,000 a year to cover their 'essentials' but would like another £8,000 a year for the 'nice to haves'.

    Learn about James and Sophie

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