• Assess risk profiles, in the office or on the move Our Risk Assessment Tool shows you how your client feels about risk, and suggests strategies for allocating assets across their investment portfolio.

    As this is a Web App it works on all mobiles and tablets, including iPhone and iPad, so you can use it in the office or on the move. And once you've downloaded it onto your device, you can even use it offline.

  • Want to understand your client's attitude to risk? Try our Risk Assessment Tool.

  • It's quick and easy to assess your client's attitude to risk

    You can find the Risk Assessment Tool:

    • When you log in to Elevate
    • At riskapp.elevateplatform.co.uk - simply download it onto your desktop or mobile device. Since it's a web app, it doesn't save data onto your device - so, whenever you generate a report, email it to yourself so you can store it safely

    Our Risk Assessment Tool, allows you to:

    • Ask your client the questions and submit their answers (you can also download our blank questionnaire)
    • Get a suggested risk rating and asset allocations
    • Talk through the results with your client and agree their final risk profile
    • Save the information in a report, which you can then send via email

    Elevate has a number of risk profiled investment options that can be used.

    Download our FAQs

  • Please bear in mind

    The Risk Assessment Tool helps you easily capture your client's attitude to risk.

    It's designed to give you an idea of risk ratings and asset allocation based on the answers your client has provided. There are limitations with the Risk Assessment Tool. See our Frequently Asked Questions or, for more detailed information, download the Technical Guide.