• Product wrappers from Elevate Different clients have different financial goals. That's why we offer a range of different product wrappers. Since they're available through Elevate, you can review and manage them all in one place.
  • General Investment Account

    A place where your client can invest, without some of the restrictions of the tax efficient ISA and PIA product wrappers. Your client can also use this account to pay for their ISA related fees - which means they can make full use of their ISA allowance, and be as tax-efficient as possible.

    Individual Savings Account

    A tax-efficient way for your client to invest for the future. You can set up a new stocks and shares ISA, and consolidate any ISAs your client already has.

    Pension Investment Account

    A pension you can manage alongside other investments on Elevate. Your clients can start a new pension, as well as bringing together any other pensions that they might hold elsewhere. When they're ready to start taking retirement benefits, Elevate offers you the flexibility to easily manage your client's regular and one-off income requirements.

  • Manage third party investments through Elevate

    If your client has investments with other providers, you may be able to manage them through Elevate. This includes offshore bonds and pensions with certain providers. You can manage these third party investments through a General Investment Account.

    More on managing third party assets

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