• GIA for third parties and trusts There may be times when you or your clients want to use products from other providers, for specific tax or investment purposes. We understand that - which is why you can manage new or existing third party assets through Elevate.
  • Bring your client’s existing investments onto our platform

    Investing in this way is good for your client: they get all the specific features of a particular product, but can still take advantage of Elevate’s wide range of investments. And it’s good for you: by bringing your client’s assets together, you have a better view of whether they’re on track to achieve their financial goals. You can also make the most of all the tools and support that are available through Elevate. And you can follow a consistent investment strategy across more of your client’s portfolio.

    How it works

    Your client opens an Elevate General Investment Account for Third Party Assets. You can then transfer investments held for example in the client’s international bond or pension from certain providers, and manage them through Elevate. By moving third party assets onto Elevate, you can:

    • Consolidate assets without cancelling products – so avoiding expensive exit charges
    • Get better value for your clients from Elevate – the more your clients invest, the better our rates
    • Manage your client’s money quickly and easily using Elevate’s range of tools.

    Explore Elevate features and benefits

  • Flexible pricing

    Our pricing structure has been built on simplicity, so our charges are clear, simple and transparent.


    Our range of wrappers

    We offer a range of product wrappers allowing you to review and manage your clients' investments all in one place.

    Tools and illustrations

    Manage your clients' portfolios quickly and easily using our tools or get an illustration.