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Going paperless

Offer your clients the freedom to review their finances online, without the hassle of paperwork that needs to be filed. They'll be able to view and save their documents anytime they like. You can let new clients or existing clients go paperless. Either way it's easy to do and will save them time and clutter.

How to help a new client to go paperless

All new Elevate clients go paperless by default, unless you deselect this option as part of the new business process. For all clients that are happy to go paperless ensure:

  • Tell your clients they'll need to give you their personal email address for this service
  • Once you have their personal email address, follow the steps in the new client business process
  • We'll then send them their login details once their account is open.

How to help an existing client go paperless

1. Set up online access

  • Go to your client's Accounts Holders - Contact Information page
  • Click Edit and select Yes in the Allow Read Only Access dropdown menu
  • Add your client's personal email address
  • For security reasons we'll then email your client their username and temporary password. They'll be asked to change the password when they first log in.


2. Set your client to go paperless

  • Go to your client's Account Holders - Contact Information page
  • In the Opt Client Out of Receiving Paper menu, select Yes and click Save
  • Ensure we hold the client's personal email address under their account
  • We'll email your client to confirm that they've gone paperless.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you contacting my client when they have not logged into their account?

Every three months we review which clients have logged into their account since selecting to go paperless. This is to make sure clients are able to access their account to view these important documents. Firstly we will send an email outlining the benefits of going paperless and request they login. This is why we ask that you provide us with the latest email address for the client under their read-only access.

If, in a further three months the client still hasn't logged into their account, we will write them providing details on how they can get their account login details. This means we can make sure they can view their important documents, such as regular statements and contract notes online. If clients have further enquiries, we are redirecting them back to their adviser.

Will my client need to accept online terms and conditions?

Yes they will, if it's the first time they've used Elevate, or if the terms and conditions have changed since the last time they were on the platform.

When do temporary passwords expire?

Your client's temporary password will last for 30 days. If you're an adviser, your password won't change.

Must new Elevate clients go paperless?

All new clients go paperless automatically, but you can change this if it's not right for your client. All you have to do is untick the relevant box when you're completing your client's application.

Can holders of a joint account use the same personal email address?

Yes, they can.

Can people with a trust account go paperless?

Yes. If they have access to Elevate, they can opt out of receiving paper. If they don't have online access, they should contact their adviser, or contact us.

Will clients who've gone paperless still receive letters in the post?

We may have to send letters to your client now and then, for example to confirm payments or a change of email address. We'll try to keep these to a minimum.

What about joint accounts?

If both account holders agree, the account an go paperless. The process is the same as for single account holders. We'll send an email to each client email address we have for each client account.

What happens to other documents my clients need to sign?

All the documents we send you when you're making an initial Elevate application will stay the same. These include customer charging agreements and statements of terms and conditions.

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