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Pre-funding from Elevate

A few days out of the market could have a big impact on your clients' investments. That's why Elevate pre-funds both contributions and investment switches - even if their funds have yet to clear.

Without pre-funding, your clients could wait up to:

Money cheque

4 days

for cheques to clear new investments

Money ciculation

6 days

for switches to settle

Money coins

65 days

for pension tax relief

How pre-funding can help you

We know that you understand how quickly the investment market can change and the effect this could have on your clients' money. So we continue to make sure that their money is invested as quickly as possible by funding investment instructions with our money, while theirs is clearing.

Pre-funding can help you:

  • Prevent undue delays when investing your clients' money;
  • Remove the guesswork by reducing the time out of market;
  • Maintain complete control of your clients' investments.

Why does Elevate pre-fund?

New investments  

Funds paid by cheque or direct debit are invested from day one, meaning more time in the market for your clients' investments. Pre-funding is available across Elevate's full range of investment wrappers.

How can I take advantage of pre-funding with Elevate?

3 way direction

Get started

To get started using Elevate and allow us to pre-fund your clients' investments, contact one of our relationship managers.

Graph money

Investing through Elevate

Choose from a range of over 5,000 funds including discounted share classes and Elevate will pre-fund your clients' investments.

3 heads

Existing advisers

We will automatically pre-fund your clients' investments without instruction, so you don't need to do anything extra.