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Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

Separately Managed Accounts on Elevate supports advisers to efficiently invest in outsourced managed portfolio solutions for clients.

Why consider Elevate's Separately Managed Accounts?

We have developed new SMA technology to support advisers.

The Elevate adviser platform now offers separately managed accounts that lets you invest efficiently and at scale in outsourced portfolio solutions for clients.

Remember: Investment returns aren't guaranteed. The value of investment can go down as well as up and may be worth less than what was paid in.

Easier to buy, sell and switch

Elevate’s new Separately Managed Accounts technology means advisers can work more efficiently, with a simple process for buying, selling and switching SMAs.

On the platform, you can simply select a SMA from a dropdown list of available investments to get started. Any buy or sell trade instructions are then managed directly by the platform instead of through the discretionary fund manager (DFM).

Easier to manage cash in and out

Cash management is also easier. There’s no need to coordinate cash payments in and out of a portfolio with the DFM, and client admin is simpler too.

We're always improving

We’ll continue to add more separately managed accounts from other DFMs over time, so be sure to check the Elevate platform to stay up to date with new SMA options and features.

How to access SMAs with Elevate

The first SMA to launch with the new Elevate technology is MyPortfolio from Aberdeen Standard Investments.

You can find more information here: Explore MyPortfolio

How to access MyPortfolio with Elevate:

  • Contact Aberdeen Standard Capital and sign up for their terms and conditions to get access to MyPortfolio solutions. Find out how to contact the team here.
  • Once the terms and conditions have been received and logged by Aberdeen Standard Capital, permission will be granted to access the portfolios on Elevate.
  • MyPortfolio SMAs will then be available to select through the investment selection tool for illustrations and trading.
  • Advisers will then experience straight through processing of payments, switches and withdrawals.
  • It’s as easy as selecting a fund.

Explore Elevate’s features and benefits

The Elevate adviser platform helps you deliver high quality financial planning at scale. With a growing range of technology, features and investment options, there is much to discover.

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Due Diligence

You can read our Elevate Due Diligence guide to get a view of what our platform can offer you. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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Extensive investment choice

Elevate offers a wide range of fund options, including a large collection of discounted share classes.

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