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Elevate update

15 February 2017

Elevate 20: MiFID II changes



Elevate Charges information document

  • The pre-sales disclosure document that is produced on Elevate now includes new sections providing a combined charges summary, as well as breakdown sections of service and investment costs.

Elevate regular statements

  • Customer statements will be provided on a quarterly basis with a full breakdown of the costs they have paid being provided once a year.
  • If your customers would prefer to go paperless you can select this option by updating your clients contact details on Elevate.

Extra investment information

  • Access updated investment information in the fund selection screens with new document links to Key Investor Documents (KIDs)

Transacting in Exchange Trading Instruments (ETIs)

We’ve updated Elevate new business and transaction screens, so you may need to enter extra information when making trades in ETIs.

    • For trades made on an advisory basis for UK based clients, in most cases Elevate will already hold the information needed, so there will be nothing more to provide. If the client is not a UK national you may need to enter National Identifier information.
    • Firms trading in ETIs on a discretionary basis will need to provide the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for their firm and National Identifier (NI) information for the decision maker for the trade.
    • Where the client is a trust company or charity, an LEI will also be needed for this entity. National Identifier information will be required if the trustee is an individual.
    • For more information on when LEIs and NIs are required, and how to get them, please visit the Standard Life Adviser website.

Take a look at our MiFID II Elevate user guide for more information.