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Elevate Stocks & Shares ISA

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What is the Elevate Stocks & Shares ISA?

Our Stocks & Shares ISA lets you bring together your clients' ISAs from previous and current tax years and manage them all in one simple online account. For 2021/22 tax year if your client is over 18 they can invest up to £20,000 tax efficiently.

What investments are available through the Stocks and Shares ISA?

We offer over 5,000 funds from more than 150 fund management groups. We also provide access to a wide range of other investments including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Investment Trusts and directly held shares.

Transfer to Elevate with no additional charges

There is no charge for transferring ISA investments into or out of Elevate. Your client's previous ISA manager may impose a charge for moving the assets away. If your client has got an ISA with another provider, they can re-register the investments to their Elevate account for free if we have the fund available and if the existing plan manager agrees.

If your client transfers as cash they'll be out of the market until the transfer is complete. They won't lose out if the market falls but their money won't be subject to any income or growth if the market rises in this period, If your client is transferring funds they'll remain invested during the transfer. They'll be unable to switch or sell these funds while the market falls or rises during this time.

Flexibility to pay ISA charges using the General Investment Account

With Elevate, clients can pay ISA related fees from their General Investment Account. This means they can make full use of their ISA allowance and be as tax-efficient as possible. They can also hold money in their General Investment Account until they're ready to invest it somewhere else.

Is this Stocks and Shares ISA protected?

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will protect money held in the ISA. This means that if we’re unable to pay claims / benefits because of financial difficulties, your client may be able to make a claim with the FSCS if they are eligible. There are limitations to the amount of your client's investment that is protected. Please see the Key Features Document for details of the limitations.

Please note that investment performance is not protected.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Our pricing structure has been built on simplicity, so our charges are clear, simple and transparent.

Our range of wrappers

Our range of wrappers

We offer a range of product wrappers allowing you to review and manage your clients' investments all in one place.

Tools and illustrations

ISA Illustrations

This tool makes it easy for you to produce simple, personalised ISA illustrations for your clients.