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Retirement LifePlanning calculator

Engage your clients in the retirement planning process, with a quick and easy tool that helps them to visualise what their retirement income could be.

Using the calculator

Simply enter basic details about their existing pension savings and likely income needs, and get a steer on whether essential and discretionary spending could be met. Use it to help you:

  • Connect with your clients at an emotional level to generate powerful conversations around what matters to them
  • Visually show your clients the likelihood of achieving and maintaining their desired retirement income
  • Show them any income shortfalls, making it easier for you to talk about options and trade-off strategies.

Designed to work around how clients already think about retirement, the Retirement LifePlanning calculator helps make your planning conversations more meaningful.

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Pension Investment Account

Our Pension Investment Account is a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) which provides your client with a range of investment options.


LifePlanning toolkit

For more personalised plannng, try the LifePlanning toolkit.

Please bear in mind

Results are generated quickly by using a set of simplified assumptions, including tax treatment. With this in mind, the results should be used only as a guide, rather than as personalised financial advice or as a a basis for your planning decisions.

Before you use the calculator, you should read our user guide which provides more detail about how the calculator works, including the assumptions and limitations that underpin the results.